What is MormonYW?

MormonYW.com helps LDS Young Women leaders to stay focused on their stewardship to minister to the needs of their young women by providing beautiful and meaningful ready-to-go lesson helps for every Sunday Come Follow Me lesson each month.

Using MormonYW resources leaves you time to concentrate on the individuals you serve, having the confidence and peace that the visual aspects of the lesson are ready and waiting.

Behind the Scenes

MormonYW was created by Debra Woods, who loves sharing her talents and creativity to inspire leaders to think outside the box, to seek and trust their own inspiration, and believe they can be effective teachers and leaders who make a difference for good in the lives of the girls they lead.

Debra joined the church when she was Laurel age, and had a powerful experience at her first Youth Conference that became the foundation of learning and service in the church that began that very weekend and has lasted for the following 43 years.

Debra has gathered the talents of LDS artists and designers, who serve in the Young Women program in their own wards, have been through the young women program recently, or have daughters currently in Young Women themselves!

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