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12 per page round designs can be printed on white card stock for use as cupcake toppers, or on white full sheet sticker paper and cut out for stickers for various uses. ?Add to invitations for Faith Value Experience activities, or as recognition of completion of Personal Progress requirements. Use this Personal Progress Record Sheet to add stickers to as you complete Value Experiences for each Value.

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Joining the church can be exciting and scary at the same time. The Mormon culture has unique lingo and traditions that will be very unfamiliar for new members. The Young Women can extend a hand of friendship to new members by creating a ?Welcome Packet? that can either be given directly to the new member or to the full-time missionaries to share with the new member when appropriate. The Young Women could create an assembly line in order to produce a dozen or more of these packets to keep the missionaries stocked up!

The packet could be a simple binder, big manila envelope, or decorated box.

Things that could be included in the packet:

  • A copy of the Ensign magazine
  • Pictures of Jesus Christ
  • A ward directory
  • Tithing slips and envelopes
  • Calendar of upcoming events in the ward
  • Welcome letter from the Young Women, congratulating the new member on his/her decision to be baptized and welcoming him/her into the ward family
  • Candy (because the gospel of Jesus Christ is sweet!)
  • A bookmark for scriptures
  • A list of Seminary Scripture Doctrinal Mastery Passages
  • A copy of the book ?Preach My Gospel?
  • A list of Mormon lingo with definitions. A great vocabulary list can be found?here.

Tricky words could include: Stake Center, Ward, MTC, Fireside, Seminary, Nursery, Sunbeams, CTR, YSA, Sealing, FHE, Mutual, Calling, Teacher (in the priesthood), Beehive, Laurel, Mia Maid, General Authority, companion, Greeny, AP, Dear John, missionary White Bible, General Conference, Stake Conference, Ward Conference, font, garments, endowed, Activity Days, Family File, etc.

Download PDF version of this activity

MormonYW.com?? 2018

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Record Sheet

As you complete Value Experiences, you may want to record your progress visually on this Personal Progress Record Sheet!? Add the stickers from each value collection to this lovely record sheet as you complete the Value Experiences, according to your own goals for the year or the entire Personal Progress program.

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11x17 Poster A

PDF file for a large 11×17″ classroom poster. ?Can be printed on a wide format printer, or taken to a commercial copy center to print.

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11x17 Poster B

PDF file of large 11×17″ Young Women Value Poster for Faith, including the value scripture and motto. ?Can be printed on a wide-format printer or taken to a commercial copy center to print.

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8.5x11 Poster A

Letter size ready-to-print PDF file poster for Faith.

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8.5x11 Poster B

Letter size ready-to-print PDF file for Young Women Value of Faith, including value scripture and motto. ?Print on white card stock or photo paper.

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Blank Journal Pages

Two per page, these journal pages are a great place to record Value Experiences, including adding photos or other items along with text.

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Lined Journal Pages

Two per page, these lined journal pages are perfect for recording Faith Value Experiences where thoughts and written descriptions are needed. ?Use these journal pages as you assemble a Personal Progress Scrapbook/Journal for keeping track of your Personal Progress work!

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Beautiful four per page bookmarks for the Young Women Value of Faith. ?Print on white card stock and cut out. ?You could additionally mount on heavier paper with a texture or color, punch a hole in the top and string a ribbon or cord through as part of a group Value Experience activity, especially one that involves reading. ?You could have the girls look up scriptures about faith in their Topical Guides and write the references on the back of the bookmark for later reading.

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Coloring Page

8.5″ x 11″ coloring page for the Young Women Value of Faith. ?These coloring pages would be a peaceful activity to do while listening to a lesson, talk or music. ?The white flowers can stand out more against a colored background, so encourage the use of brighter colored pencils or crayons for coloring.