LDV Young Women Helps are now at MormonYW!

MormonYW is the new home for all of Latter-day Village’s Young Women related helps. The following FAQs should answer your questions related to the change:

MormonYW.com and LatterdayVillage.com are completely separate websites. This means that you will need to cancel your Young Women’s Villager subscription at LatterdayVillage.com and sign up for a brand new account here at MormonYW.com.

If you are a Young Women’s Plus subscriber at LatterdayVillage.com and you want to keep access to the Sunday School, Primary, and Relief Society helps at LatterdayVillage.com, please send us a message and we’ll get you set up so you’re not paying twice for Young Women helps.

MormonYW is still run by Debra Woods, the brain behind LatterdayVillage.com. MormonYW.com makes accessing Young Women related helps easier and more convenient for our YW members.  The technology behind the scenes for MormonYW.com is different than that of LatterdayVillage.com and it allows us to provide our members with a simpler, more consistent experience.

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At MormonYW.com, you’ll get access to the same YW resources you would have had access to at LatterdayVillage.com. With that said, here are some awesome upgrades that comes with MormonYW.com:

1. An easier-to-use interface that is similar to Pinterest
2. New helps are added consistently on the 20th of every month
3. Access to all-new Personal Progress related resources

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See the question above, “If I sign up for MormonYW.com, what happens to my account at LatterdayVillage.com” for the best answer. In a nutshell, your LDV password won’t work at MormonYW.com and you’ll need to sign up for an new account.

Simple! Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can. Thanks!