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Title Poster

Section: Introduce the doctrine

8.5″ x 11″ Poster:

You can use this poster to display in your classroom to introduce the theme of the lesson for the week. ?Another way to use the poster, is to print one for each girl, and have them draw or write on the back when the lesson makes the suggestion. ?You could easily glue, staple, or print lined paper on the back if you want to use these for the girls to write on.

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Quote Poster

Section: Learn togetherUse with: President Monson's Talk

This?poster goes with the 3rd Bullet Point in the “Learn Together” Section with President Monson’s talk. Posting it as you listen to or read the story, will help the girls focus on the question to answer.

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Section: Learn togetherUse with: Elder Bowen's Talk

There are 6 to a page. These little handouts can be used in numerous ways. ?They are the perfect size for the girls to use on their bulletin boards at home, taped on their locker at school, they can be collected throughout the year and made into a little book by punching holes in the corners and using a key ring to attach them each week. ?If your YW use class journals or smash books, these are the perfect size to tape into their individual books.

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Journal Page

Section: Learn togetherUse with: 2nd or 4th bullet point

There are 2 to a page. ?You can use these during your lesson for the girls to write down their thoughts, especially during the activities in the 2nd and 4th Bullet Points in the Learn Together Section. ?You can add these to their class journals or smash books, or just a cute reminder to take home and put in their scriptures or journals.

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Scripture Cards

Section: Learn togetherUse with: 1st bullet point

Use these little cards with the activity in the 1st Bullet Point of the “Learn Together” Section. ?Pass out the Thought Cards below and then these scripture cards to find answers to their questions.

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Section: Learn togetherUse with: 1st bullet point

These go with the 1st “Learn Together” activity. Have the girls write their thoughts first, then pass out the scripture cards so they can find answers they can share with the class.

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Section: Learn togetherUse with: 5th bullet point

These sheets go with the fifth Bullet Point activity in the “Learn Together” section. ?Divide into two groups to read and discuss the scriptures – these sheets will?help the discussion. ?One person in each group could be the scribe, then share come together and share with the entire class. ?If you have a large class, you could divide into more groups as needed.

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Attention Activity

When I think of death, I think of a butterfly.? It starts out as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar, the cocoon/ chrysalis is like a tomb but then out of that tomb emerges a butterfly who can then create new life.

For this activity, you could show pictures or even a video of a caterpillar – eating leaves, then making a cocoon, then emerging – and point out that while it is in the cocoon it may look dead – but it is not.? It is transitioning into something better.? Just as there are stages in the life of a butterfly, we experience many unique stages in our progression to become like our Heavenly Parents – birth is one transition we go through, and death is another.? It is not the end, it is a period of transition between mortality and immortality and eternal life.

The separation we feel now when someone enters that transition phase and we are apart can be painful, but it is only temporary.? They have moved on, and eventually, we will too, and be reunited with them.? They are progressing where they are, and we have much to do, like the caterpillar who eats and eats and eats – to prepare ourselves for what comes next. It is a natural part of life to make the transition we call death, but it is only one phase of our existence.

I think butterflies are a beautiful gift from God to help us see, in a short period of time, how the plan of salvation works.