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Attention Activity

Contact several women in your ward have developed abilities/skills through some sort of education that has made a difference in their life somehow. ?Ask them to provide you with object that represents what they have done/do – a tool of the trade, or something they’ve made along with a 3×5 card explaining what it is and how learning that area benefitted their life. ?Place the items on a table and cover it with a cloth. At the appropriate time, uncover the objects and have the girls take turns guessing what the objects might represent, at the end, tell them about the women in the ward who they belong to and what they said about them.

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Title Poster

You can use these posters to display in your classroom to introduce the theme of the lesson for that week.

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There are 6 to a page. The girls can use on their bulletin boards at home, taped in their locker at school, or they can be collected week to week and made into a little with a hole punched in the corners so the fit on a key ring. ?They could be taped into individual journals or smash books.

You can text the girls this handout during the week to remind them of the lesson.??Just right click on the picture below and save image to your computer. ?Then email the picture to yourself. ?Retrieve the email from your smartphone and save the image onto your phone. ?You can now send the image in a text to your Young Women. ?You may also post this to your Ward YW FB Page!

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Scripture Cards

These cards have all the scriptures mentioned in the lesson – they work well with the fourth bullet point under Learning Together. There are blank cards to use any quotes or assignments you want to make to use elsewhere in the lesson.

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Section: Learn togetherUse with: Elder Bednar's Talk

This worksheet is designed to go with the first bullet point in the lesson, for the girls to record things from the video about secular learning, spiritual learning and the role of the Holy Ghost.

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Friend Question Cards

Place these cards on each chair with a pen for each girl to come in and fill out at the beginning of the lesson. ?You could write instructions on the board to remain silent till everyone has filled out her card and turned it over on her lap.

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Education Goal Cards

Use these cards with the third bullet point in the Learning Together section. ?Assign individuals or groups one of the sections mentioned and make notes about what they read, along with what their own educational goals are.

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Coloring Page

Sometimes it is scary to commit to something off in the future – but they can use this page to draw a picture of anything that represents something they’ve thought about doing someday. ?Maybe someone they know does something that seemed especially interesting to them, or they have always liked doing something that could turn into a career with the right education.

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Additional Ideas


Teach the girls how to do something most of them probably do not know how to do, such as:

  • sing a short song in Sign Language
  • fold an oragami crane
  • say Hello, how do you do in a foreign language
  • fringe the edge of a small fleece blanket or pillow case
Anything that takes instruction but that can be completed in a short time, that they could probably now teach someone else how to do.
Ask the girls how it feels to learn something new.
Ask if they might like to have an activity where they learned how to do something even more involved – like a more complex version of the simple skill they just learned.
Knowing you CAN learn new things, you CAN learn hard things and then doing it, is empowering, strengthening and helps you consider that ongoing learning is fun, exciting, and opens unlimited possibilities to you.? When you face a new challenge, instead of being afraid, you can have confidence and hope that you will figure it out and learn how to handle it.


Invite the girls to look up how to do some new thing they are interested in on YouTube in the upcoming week, and actually follow the instructions to do it – and report back the next week.