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Attention Activity

Bring a smart phone (or hang the picture of one on the board) – and ask the question, what is this good for? Let the girls come up and write what they use their phone for. Talk about how many different things the phone is good for – it has many roles. So does the Holy Ghost! Erase the phone and put up the sign that says THE HOLY GHOST’S ROLES and as you go through the lesson, add the roles of the Holy Ghost the same way you did for the phone.

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Title Poster

Section: Introduce the doctrine

You can use this poster to display in your classroom to introduce the theme of the lesson for that week.

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Quote Poster

Section: Learn togetherUse with: Pres. Eyring's Talk

You can use this poster to display in your classroom to introduce the theme of the lesson for that week. The quote is from President Eyring’s talk mentioned in the Learn Together Bullet Point #2 section.

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These square handouts come six to a page. ?Collect them for journal books, smash books, or to hang on your mirror or locker etc.

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Opener Cards

Section: Introduce the doctrineUse with: First activity

There are 2 to a page. ?These cards go with the opening activity in the lesson to get the girls thinking about the lesson.

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Scripture Cards

Section: Learn togetherUse with: Fourth bullet point

The scripture references on these cards come from the lesson. Refer to the lesson to see how these scriptures are grouped into topics. Use with Learn Together 4th Bullet Point.

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Roles Activity

Section: Learn togetherUse with: Fifth bullet point

These cards come two per page and go along with the Learn Together Bullet Point #5.

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Holy Ghost Game

This game goes along with the Learn Together Bullet Point #1 – The Voice of the Spirit video. Print out enough hearts for each girl to have one. Cut out and distribute to all the girls, along with pencils. Read the Statement on the hearts and encourage the girls to think of a time when they will want and need the Holy Ghost to guide them in the future, and then write down their idea on their heart. Watch the video and instruct the girls to pass their heart to the left each time they hear the word VOICE. At the end of this video, invite the girls to read what is on the heart in their hand. Based on the video, add another reason to want the Holy Ghost’s companionship to the heart they are holding. When everyone is done, have them pass their hearts around till they get their original heart and read what their classmate added to their heart. Sharing ideas this way can be inspiring.

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Board Strips

Section: Learn togetherUse with: Elders Stevenson's Talk

These board strips can be posted on the chalk/bulletin board as needed for the Learn Together Bullet Point #1 with Elder Stevenson’s talk.