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Attention Activity

To take advantage of the Fall season, have the girls cut a bunch of?paper leaves out of different colored paper.? Invite them to write down all of the things they?re grateful to the bishopric for.

Create a tree trunk out of a twisted brown paper bag.?? Invite the girls to decorate the Bishop?s door with their tree and gratitude leaves.

It?s important to talk about gratitude, but it?s even more important to show it.


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Title Poster

You can use this poster to display in your classroom to introduce the theme of the lesson.

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Title Poster

You can use this poster to display in your classroom to introduce the theme of the lesson.

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There are 4 to a page. Send home to put on their bulletin boards, taped in their locker at school, or they can be collected throughout the year and made into a flip book by punching holes in the corners and using a key ring to attach them each week. ?They also could be put in a journal or smash book.

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Journal Page

There are 2 to a page. ?You can use these during your lesson for the girls to write down their thoughts. ?You can add these to their class journals or smash books, or just a cute reminder to take home and put in their scriptures or journals.

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Scripture Cards

All the scriptures that were mentioned in the lesson appear on these cards with blank cards included if you want to add your own scriptures!

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Quote Poster

Use this at the beginning of the lesson to start a discussion

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Board Strips

Use these during the lesson as needed

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Section: Learn togetherUse with: Talk "Thanks Be To God" by Elder Nelson

You can use this worksheet with the talk “Thanks Be To God” by Elder Nelson. ?Divide the girls into groups and have each group work on just one section then discuss what they all learned.

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Extra Activity

Send this calendar home for the girls to write down something they’re grateful for each day for the next week. ?Among other things, this would be a good chance for the girls to do something, at least one of the days, for someone else instead of that person doing it for them, especially in the family. ?They will come to appreciate their parents and siblings more when they walk a mile in the other person’s shoes.

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Additional Ideas

This would make a great attention-getting activity at the beginning of your lesson or a midweek activity to go with this month’s theme!

Bring to class:

  • a roll of masking tape
  • blindfolds
  • foam earplugs

Have a table set up with enough chairs for each girl. Have the class line up and call off A-B-C-A-B-C till everyone has a letter.

  • Have the A?s hold up their hands and tape around each hand so they cannot use their thumbs.
  • Have the B?s put on blindfolds
  • Have the C?s put in earplugs Before the earplugs have totally blocked off the sound,

say: OK, now I want you all to carefully follow my instructions. I will only say each thing one time (the girls with earplugs will not hear the instructions after this)

1. Girls – Sit down in a chair at this table

2. (Teacher – Uncover a plate of cupcakes.)

3. (Teacher – Bring out a tray with frosting cups and knives.)

4. Instruct the girls to each take a cupcake, frosting cup and knife

5. Instruct the girls to frost their cupcake.

6. You have 1 minute to frost your cupcake.

7. After one minute tell them to give their cupcake to the person on their right.

8. Tell the girls they can remove their tape/blindfolds/earplugs and eat the cupcake they have.

Ask the girls how they feel about their thumbs, eyes and ears after this little exercise. Whatever we have is a blessing. When we are grateful for what we have, we will feel happier and more satisfied in life. How do we show gratitude for our blessings?